Decatur, Alabama

May 23, 2007




The Decatur City Board of Education met in special session Tuesday, May 22, 2007, at 4:00 p.m. in the Central Office Boardroom.  Members present were Dr. Elliott, Mrs. Jett, and Mr. Sykes.  


The Board recognized 2006-2007 Elementary Student of the Year D. J. Graffree, from Somerville Road Elementary School.    


Dr. Nichols presented the certified and non-certified personnel agenda, recognizing the retirement of Mrs. Jamie Heim, principal at Walter Jackson Elementary School; and Mrs. Mary Sue Bowman, custodian at the Central Office.  The personnel agenda also included the following:


CertifiedResignations:  Austin-Stephanie Gilliam-English; Austinville-Julie Dempsey-kindergarten, June N. Taylor-special education; Banks-Caddell-Laura Summer Morgan-fourth grade; Brookhaven-Tracy Chastain-seventh grade science, Charles G. Golembeck-seventh grade science, Kendria S. Martin-Sutherlin-seventh grade mathematics, Neil T. Mutcheler-eighth grade mathematics, Savannah N. Wood-special education, TAG; Cedar Ridge-Nicole Ann Jones-social studies, Patricia Laughlin-adaptive physical education,  April Murphy Marsh-physical education, Gabriel Alberto Wilkinson-physical education; Central Office-Ann Landers-School Improvement Specialist, Chestnut Grove-Mary Kendra Coburn-first grade, Heath Morrow-second grade, Kasey Wallace-fifth grade; Decatur-Belton G. Aldrich-science, Glenda Briley-music, Morgan Vickery Coulter-physical education, Maria Kennedy-ESL/Spanish; Eastwood-Jamie Rae Crim-second grade, Debbie Looney-art, Elizabeth Britt Rawson-fifth grade; Frances Nungester-Lisa Foropoulos-special education; Horizon-Joel E. Schrenk-alternative teacher; Julian Harris-Melissa K. Herring-kindergarten; Oak Park-Carrie Stewart Lin-science, Sara Parsley-seventh grade mathematics; Somerville Road-Lauren P. Chapman-fourth grade; Walter Jackson, Alison Russell-fifth grade; West Decatur-Susan Hauck-special education; Woodmeade-Sashalea K. Hood-fifth grade, Elizabeth Hudson-librarian, Leigh Ann Manion-special education.  Changes of Contract:  Austin-Lewis Edward White-add 1 ½ mos. guidance counselor supplement; Austinville-Jane Woodliff Fite-medical leave 05/15/07-05/25/07; Austin-Angela Lynne W. Maples-medical leave 2007-2008 school year, Steve Meek-delete 9th grade head football supplement; Decatur-Christine Kellett-delete 1 ½ mo. guidance counselor supplement, George Simms-add 1 ½ mo. guidance counselor supplement; Somerville Road-Janet Wood Foster-leave of absence for 2007-2008 school year; Walter Jackson-Rhonda S. Reece-from interim principal to principal.  Transfers: Austinville-Elizabeth Stephens Hale-from interim principal to kindergarten teacher; Brookhaven-Harold Scott Hale-from social studies to social studies at Decatur, Johnnie A. Renick-from interim middle school assistant principal to special education, TAG; Central Office-Shannon Whitfield Cook-from LEA School Improvement Specialist to second grade at Chestnut Grove, Becky Vest Perry-from LEA School improvement Specialist to middle school assistant principal at Brookhaven; Chestnut Grove-Lisa Greer-from reading coach to first grade, Wendi Hill-from special education teacher to guidance counselor; Oak Park-Mark Christopher-from mathematics to mathematics at Decatur; Woodmeade-Warren H. McLemore-from art at Woodmeade to art at Austin.


Non-CertifiedResignations: Austin-Maria Cervantes-teacher aide, ESL; Austinville-Glenda Housley-Title I teacher aide; Banks-Caddell-Vanessa Saenspardo-teacher aide; Benjamin Davis-Lori A. Burns-custodian; CAS-Carol Hall-teacher aide; Central Office-Brandon Watkins-teacher aide; Cedar Ridge-Gene Bazzel-cafeteria van driver, David Harris-teacher aide; Decatur-Maria Velasquez-CNP worker; Decatur High Developmental-LaTonya Ashford-teacher aide, Jennifer Stafford-teacher aide; Frances Nungester-Julia Cook-custodian; Professional Training Center-David Cecil Pointer-custodian; Somerville Road-Sarah Cross-teacher aide, Maria Graham-teacher aide, Sherri Harding-teacher aide,  Cindy J. Holmes-teacher aide; Special Services-Janice R. Sims-teacher aide;Transportation-Harold Reford Sandilands-bus driver; Walter Jackson-Jennifer Truitt-teacher aide, hearing impaired; West Decatur-Beth McHugh-teacher aide; Woodmeade-Kimberly D. Cole-teacher aide.  Changes of Payroll Status:  CAE-Dorothy Bolden-FMLA 03/02/07-05/25/07; Benjamin Davis-Tamila Lashall Carlisle-FMLA 04/04/07-05/25/07; Somerville Road-Jill F. Hjelm-delete satellite coordinator supplement.  Transfers: Austin-Terri Watwood-from teacher aide, pathways to teacher aide ISS.


Personnel action also included the re-election of certified and non-certified personnel, those on continuing service status, personnel changing from probationary status, and non-renewals.


The Board adopted the 2007-2008 Code of Student Conduct, and approved a revision adding a dispute resolution process to Board Policy JBCC-Admission of Homeless, Migrant, and ESL Students. 


With no further business to be considered, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


Next Meeting:


June 14 at 1:30 p.m. – Special Session/Work Session

June 19 at 4:00 p.m. – Regular Session

June 21 at 10:00 a.m. – Work Session