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Decatur High School Faculty

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It is the priority of teachers to focus on class instruction. Therefore, teachers are often unable to check their email during school hours and may take up to 24 hours to respond to your emailed message.

Jere Adcock

Carolyn Alexander

Karen Alexander

Paul Allen

Richard Armstrong

Cheryl Askew

Lori Baird

June Barnes

Katherine Bittle

Peggy Black

Bradley Boy

Keith Bozeman

Becky Bryant

Earlene Busby

Lee Cagle

Jami Campbell

Stan Carr

Bart Carter

Sally Cates

Mark Christopher

Ann Coggins

Keith Cole

Matthew Conner

Renea Cook

Michelle Cooper

Mary Daniels

Carl Davis

Mitch Dees

Lynda Dover

Cynthia Dudley

Brenda Eden

Alice Evans

Gary Evans

Kimberly Evans

Daivon Fouche

Phyllis Freeman

Karen Gaertner

Jane Gargis

Edith Garner

Krista Givens

Susan Gossett

Kyla Gray

Lillian Gregory

Caroline Harper

John Hayes

James Hewitt

Mary Hillis

Cathy Hughes

Dorian Irby

Tina Kellett

David Kilpatrick

Jamie Lee

Linda Lee

Debbie Lopez

Lee Lott

TL Mahan

Clyde Martin

Deborah Mauldin

Stephanie Mayfield

Lindsey McCaghren

Ashley McIntyre

Kenny Morson

Ashley Mueller

Kim Munson

Steve Netherton

Jason Noblitt

Phyllis Ogburia

Judyth Parish

Gladys Patterson

Janet Patty

Julie Perry

Sandra Putnam

Kimberly Qualls

Patti Reed

Amy Robbins

Karla Sempsrott

Jimmy Shaw

George Simms

Robert Slack

Mike Smith

Anne Stephenson

Donna Stephenson

Robbie Stout

Patricia Stutts

Raye Thibadoux

Maura Trainor

Brenda Travis

Joann Turner

Rhonda Vest

Mike Ward

Denise White

Teresa Williamson

Jada Winton

Jeffrey Woods


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