Alabama High School Graduation Exam Practice Questions


The following questions were taken from documents available on the Alabama State Department of Education Web site.  They are provided for you to download and view so that you can see the type of questions asked on the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.  The questions are sorted by subject, standard, and objective.  There are questions for the Reading Subject Test, Language Subject Test, Science Subject Test, Mathematics Subject Test, and Social Studies Subject Test.  You will need the Free Adobe Reader to view these documents.  Follow the link at the small icon to download the free Adobe Reader.  You may download the subject test questions that you need.  The correct answer to each question is marked with a small asterisk.  If you have taken the Alabama High School Graduation Exam previously, you should have received a copy of your previous scores from your guidance counselor.  This score sheet lists the standards and objectives that you will need to master in order to do well the next time the test is administered.

Get the Free Adobe Reader   
Great Expectations Document (558 kb download)
Reading Subject Questions (307 kb download)
Language Subject Questions (160 kb download)
Science Subject Questions (5680 kb download)
Mathematics Subject Questions (1123 kb download)
Social Studies Subject Questions (701 kb download)

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