Horizon High School

The Horizon campus consists of five different academic programs serving the many needs of Decatur's at-risk students.


Horizon High School was established in 1991. Horizon has the mission of assisting high school students, who are at risk of dropping out of school, earn an Alabama high school diploma.  It is part of the public school system in Decatur, Alabama and serves approximately one hundred students.


An individual is considered "at risk" of not completing high school, and becomes eligible for the Horizon Program, if s/he meets any one of the following criteria:

1 The individual has dropped out of school and wishes to return.
2 The student cannot graduate within four academic years due to failing grades.
3 The student is pregnant.
4 The student is caring for a baby at home.

Students must make application to attend Horizon High School.  Students currently enrolled in Austin High School or Decatur High School may obtain an application from their high school counselor.  Individuals not currently enrolled may obtain an application at Horizon.  Each applicant is interviewed.  The interview gives students an oppportunity to better understand the Horizon program before making a commitment, and initiates goal setting activities that are critical for students success. 


The academic programs at Horizon are based on the premise that when motivated, students will develop the work ethic needed to learn.  Students who develop a good work ethic will also succeed in post secondary programs and in the work place. 

Motivation comes from within the student and occurs when two conditions exist: 

1.  The student believes and feels that education will make a significant difference in his/her adult lifestyle.
2.  The students believes and feels that, if he/she makes a reasonable effort, a reasonable chance of school success exists.

Horizon High School is designed to help students meet these two conditions.  The process of helping students meet these conditions begins during the initial interview.


Potential Horizon students are encouraged to set goals and visualize their lives in five to ten years.  Long and short term goals are frequently discussed.  In most cases, meeting long-term goals often include post secondary education or training.

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