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Atkins-Craig Debate (Existence of God)

Fernandes-Martin Debate (Existence of God)

Bailey-Donahue Debate (Coverings of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16)

Forsythe-Thrasher Debate (the church of Christ)

Barr-Thrasher Debate (Missionary Baptist Church, the church of Christ)

Garrett-Thrasher Debate (Unconditional Salvation, Possibility of Apostasy)

Bogard-McPherson Debate (miracles & healing) [pdf]

Green-Thrasher Debate (Christian as a Punitive Agent of the Civil Government)

Bradley-Craig Debate (Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?)

Harrell-Spears Discussion (Application of Romans 14)

Broking-Maxey Debate (Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage)

Hughes--Dorsey-Tyler Debate (Existence of God)

Carroll-Donahue Debate (Lord's Supper Every First Day)

Hutcheson-Hutto Debate (Coverings of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16)

Carroll-Thrasher Debate (What Words Must be Spoken by a Baptizer)

Kindell-Thrasher Debate (Sprinkling, Pouring, or Immersion as Baptism)

Chappelear-Donahue Debate (Apostles Baptizing People in Unscriptural Marriages)

Martignoni-Thrasher Debate (Was Peter the First Pope?)

Clifton-Thrasher Debate (Existence of the God of the Bible)

Martin-Ward Debate (Scriptural Conditions of Salvation) [pdf]

Cockrell-Donahue Debate (Scriptural Conditions of Salvation)

Maxey-Sisman Debate (the church of Christ)

Coleman-Thrasher Debate (Is the Lordís Supper only figurative?)

Maxey-Thomas Debate (Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage)

Craig-Jesseph Debate (Existence of God)

Maxey-Thrasher Debate (Eternal Destiny of the Wicked)

Craig-Nielsen Debate (Existence of God)

Mayo-Thrasher Debate (Impossibility of Apostasy)

Craig-Pigliucci Debate (Existence of God)

McDonald-Sheridan Debate (Christians in the Military and on Police Departments)

Craig-Smith Debate (Existence of God)

Miller-Thrasher Debate (Bible Classes & Women Teachers)

Craig-Taylor Debate (Is the Basis of Morality Natural or Supernatural?)

Owens-Thrasher Debate (Eternal Punishment of the Wicked)

Craig-Tooley Debate (Existence of God)

Smith-Waters Debate (Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage)

Craig-Washington Debate (Existence of God)

Thrasher-Welch Debate (What Words Must be Spoken by a Baptizer)

Donahue-Duncan Debate (Coverings of 1 Corinthians 11)

Thrasher-White Debate (General Theory of Evolution)

Donahue-Duncan Debate ('Second Servingí of the Lordís supper)

Warnock-Williams Discussion (Weddings & Funerals in the Meetinghouse)

Donahue-Miles Debate (Application of 1 Timothy 2:11-12 to Secular Activities)